Thursday, June 23, 2011

rodents everywhere..... ?

 Every where I sniff,
there is chipmunk smell 
or mice or rabbits
or squirrels!!!
The joys of living in the country.
Heaven for a jack russell terrier.
But aggravating too, when you can't catch 
them cuz of a dumb fence in between ya...
Then just when your frustrated enough,
along comes a tiny mouse plant....

Is mom just trying to drive me nuts?


  1. Huntry I do envy you living in the country:) Squirrels are around everywhere but the lil fellas can be very destructive to our garden. Ya know when you buy a bunch of flowers or plants and they'll come in kinda a black tray that's got square holes in it? After putting any flowers in our container pots we cut up pieces of that plastic and put it around the flowers then put some dirt on top. It won't hurt the squirrels but suppose it frustrates them when they start to dig.

    Don't have chipmunks here and hardly ever see any mice. Feel very, very lucky tho to have a bunny that visits our yard. He loves the clover I guess.

    Love the plant you have a picture of above. Is it called tiny mice plant? Have never seen it before. Looks like a plant that hummingbirds would like. Do you know if they do? Will have to look to see if I can find one of them. Love their colors. :)

  2. Oh Huntyr your garden is so beautiful I bet you can run & Chase all the wonderful animals that come there! I wish that we could have played together there !! Wow chipmuncks I has never saw one of dem animals what fun !!