Thursday, July 30, 2009

our trip to World Horseshoe Tournament

monday morning we piled in the truck and went for a ride.

It was a pretty long ride, all the way to Springfield, IL.

I went back and forth standing on moms lap or standing on the council

between mom and dad, watching out the window.

I don't like to miss a thing going by.

After 4 hours or so, we reached the big city and whoohoo went straight to a park.

It had lots of big trees, which means, SQUIRRELS!!

Dad immediately pulled his horseshoes out and practiced with a bunch of other guys.

Me and mom went for a walk. A long walk.

Felt good to get out of the truck and play. We chased some squirrels,

and watched the kids on the playground.

Then I found this poor baby bird, his momma was no where around.

I wanted to "help" him out but momma wouldn't let me...

finally after a good long drink of water, we sat down and watched dad practice.

Just look at the Arena he was playing in, if he wasn't nervous before,

that would make you nervous!!

48 pits changing players every 3 hours, from 7am to 8pm.

Dad was scheduled for 8pm, Mon Tues Wed nights. 15 games, 5 per night.

Nerves definetely won Monday night.

He won 1 game and lost 4. He never pitched even close to what he normally does.

Disappointment was clearly effident.

Tuesday night went slightly better, not great. He won 1 lost 3, tied 1.

Wednesday night, he was his old self for the first two games.

Then he must have been starting to think to much again LOL and things slowed down.

He did win one more.

So he ended up with a 5.5 wins and 9.5losses and ended up in 11th place.

There is always next year.

Pictures of him pitching.

one of the scoreboards.

the guys he pitched against

as always......

Thursday, July 23, 2009


ohhhhh look!!!
I noticed mom and dad were packing a few things.
It looked like we were going on trip, now I know for sure we are.
Looks like we leave Monday morning
cuz dad pitches at 8pm,Mon, Tues, Wed nights.
This not just any horseshoe tournament,
this is the WORLD tournament!!
I have my paws crossed for my dad to
win, win, win,
I hope you do too!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

another July 4th weekend story

It was really nice out and Dad wanted to practice his horseshoe pitching.
He was going to be in a tournament there on July 4th.
So we packed up a few things and off to the park we went.

I looked around the house and in the toybox for something to take with us.
Ahhhhhh the soccer ball the easter bunny brought me this year.

I love to run and "push" it around.
I have a basketball at home and play there too,
but at the park, there is so much more room!It was great fun!!

pawed by,
hugs and licks

Sunday, July 12, 2009

It was one of those moments that "my brother, Huntyr", that goofy dog,
left moms side and went outside to lay in the sunshine.
And mom let me out of my cage like she used to do before
that white ball of energy
came to stay with us.
First thing I did was go up and sit on the window sill
and looked out at the trees,
and cawed with the bluejays thru the window.

Soon I looked down and saw toys.... toys... and more toys.

I hopped down and played for awhile. All that playing makes one thirsty.

Huntyr..... WHAT?????????????
MOMMMMMMMMMMM you let him drink out of MY bowl???!!!!!!
pawed by,
hugs and licks

Thursday, July 9, 2009

funny or clever!?

When we were getting ready to go away for a few days over 4th of July,

I showed mom where to find a treat for those silly turtles she likes so much. Baby toads.

After chasing them for a little bit, I rounded up a few for mom to catch and we took them home in a bottle.

The turtle just so happened to be taking a little snooze on the ramp at that time but mom stuck a toad in there anyway.Who'd of guessed the toad could swim so good and fast. Lickedly split it swam up and immediately climbed up on the turtles floating dock.

Great! I thought, I can see what will happen.

Surely that stupid turtle will spot that toad and the chase will begin..

I thought wrong....

pawed by,Huntyr, hugs and licks
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Monday, July 6, 2009

We're HOME!!!!!!

Well, we are home from Lone Rock Wisc.

I have LOTS of stories to tell ya but first I must tell you about someone special having a birthday.

Happy Birthday America!!
We woke up to a drizzly morning. Mom says America is having a birthday.
whoohoo! Cake and IceCream.
I sat by my bowl but noone was cutting a cake.Ok it must be coming later in the day.
Soon mom had leash in hand! Whoohoo! a walk? Nope. In the truck we go. Into the big town(population 500) of LoneRock.

Parade time. We wait and we wait and we wait.
Finally it began.

I was proud to honor the US Flag and veterans as they paraded in front of us.
The noisy firetrucks I could have done with out.
A hour later. Still lots of cars, Semi trucks and tractor after tractor.Ok I had enough, lets go.

But we stayed. Cousin Matthew was gonna be in the parade. We watched and waited. There he is!! And right behind him was his daddy, Matt.

Soon the parade was over and we were off to watch dad & Matt pitch horseshoes.
It was so exciting LOL yawn. But he did win 3rd place. Not bad dad, congrats!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

going to Wisconsin

well mom's been busy packing. Says we are going north this weekend. Not coming home till monday night!

Thats ok, its fun up there. We go for really long walks, just me and mom.
There is LOTS of trees and places to sniff out. Mostly we lay around the house and enjoy the peace and quiet. Mom's always real generous with treats up there too!!
Although this is not the quietest weekend we have had up there. I will get to sleep on the big bed. No crates up north!!! Its vacation time. I stay on my best behavior and get to sleep where the cats usually do at home. With mom!!! Dad rolls and kicks his feet so I stay close to mom on her side.

Friday I will stay home all day while they go to stock car races. Well, that pesky parrot, Buddy, will be there too, so I will have to be the big boy and save him if anything comes up. Its a long day locked in the house but I will stay curled up on the big bed and enjoy it. The best part is.... no cats, no turtles. They are staying home to guard the house here.

Saturday we get to go to the parade. I like that, lots of people pet me. but I don't like those NOISY firetrucks, I can definetely do without that part of the parade.Then it will be off to the park for the day. Dad has a horseshoe tournament to pitch in, so I get mom all to myself!! Lots of kids to play with.

Mom did promise me to bring me back to the cabin BEFORE fireworks on saturday night. I DO NOT LIKE FIREWORKS, ONE LITTLE BIT. I might even agree to some "rescue remedy" before they begin to help keep me calm. Going under the big helps a little too.

Please everyone have a safe and happy July 4th, may it be fireworks/noise free!