Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Party!!

Hey Everybody!
Me and momma went to a party last night!!
It was kinda dark and spooky but it was ok!
Treats and goodies all over!
I got to check out some cool and spooky pumpkins!

My really good friend Rocky showed up too.
hehehehe he was a bat!
And I met the Sheriff.
I was on my best behavior.
He was kinda a big fella.
Not quite as big as I think I am,
but big enough.
Then I raced over to have my fortune told.
She looked in the crystal ball
and found my fortune!
There was lots and lots of doggies there!
I tried to meet them all.
I didn't win best costume.
The reindeer took that prize.
But I did do my tricks really well.
And I read my signs and won first place!!
It was really fun!
Now its Halloween night.
I wonder where we will go Trick or Treating!?!!!
as always!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Costumes...just plain silly...

Hi! October. Does it really have to come every year?

Mom and that camera are bad enough but October gives her an excuse for more of those

silly costumes!!

This one is most appropriate as I do alot of racing.

But isn't horses that have jockeys?

I don't need no rubber man telling me where the race track is....
Then whats my second most favorite thing to do?

catching rats and chipmunks...

But I never said I wanted to be one!!

But maybe they will be fooled and come closer??!!!

last year it was a bumble bee!! sigh
and I was King of the Squirrel Park for a day...

Now these are the costumes I like best LOL Ones I can dress up into anything I can imagine but I never really have to put the silly costume on. Mom makes these on her computer!