Thursday, November 25, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

downy woodpecker

Ike,  our resident Cardinal, was banging away at our window like usual.
Suddenly there was a similiar bang on the other window. Only louder!
I flew to the door to go out with momma right behind me.
And there was a downy wood pecker crumpled on the ground.
I was just about to grab it when I heard those most dreaded words,
"Leave it." Which means I can't touch it.
But whats she do,  she picks it up.
 Whats up with that? I cant, but she can???!!!

When momma picked it up and it didn't move a muscle. Its  little eyes were closed and
momma started crying. We sat in the sunshine and said good bye the little guy.
But, all of a sudden, one little eye popped open!
We was so excited.
I few minutes later, it moved one wing, then the other.
About 5 minutes later, it moved its feet and started to stand on momma hand.
It clung to her hand for about 10 minutes. Then finally flew from her hand to her shoulder.
Came back to her hand and looked her in the face. As if saying goodbye and thanks.
Then back to her shoulder. Climbed into her hair and then off to his family.