Friday, August 28, 2009

tooting the #truck horn

I was just tweeting along when suddenly I heard:
.... tooooooot ..... toooooot .... i is ere wiv truk ...... tooooooot

Immediately you heard excited barks, meows and noises and anipals were running and jumping and climbing onto the truck.

Slowly lukn both ways so dont get myself trampld as I get in

One even was really huffing as he was (huff huff huff) Just dragging this cooler onto the #truck. I got Barka-Cola, Mountain Mew, barktinis and meowgaritas, and SUSHI!

Sushi? did he say sushi? I wasn't excited over that but I saw a long line of meowers who were!

i did ere sumwun sayin bowt a parayd tooday ... do it be for trucks ... is that ware we is gowin .... Everyone was excited to hear about a parade!

I asked Henry if I could toot the horn today and he said sure!!

Whoohooo!! I was so excited!!

I did try to warn everyone first before I tooted it.> everyone cover their ears if there sensitive.... gonna toot the #truck horn....... *TOOT* *TOOOOOOOOOT* *TOOT* *TOOT* *TOOOOOOOT* *TOOOOOT*@Kyba ... that wos reely lowd unta ... did yoo injoy it ... #truck
.... vroooom .... vroooom .... vroooom ....... vrooom .... tik tik tik tik tik tik .... ternin left ...

As always I overheard alot of comments.

@henryandfriends #truck I hope @GeorgeTheDuck shows.. the truck is so decked out . all groovy looking with everyone dressed for pawpawty
@henryandfriends The thing I like about the driver is that he is super safe & rides smoothly, not a lot of quick braking. thanks!! #truck
... vrooom .... weels on truk gow rownd an rownd .... vroooom .... rownd an rownd .... vroooom

Arriving at the parade we were told: Anipals that wants to play music or want to march along side or want to bring floats should say so
>@sydpie Hops off #truck and grabs a baton *march and twirl and march and twirl and march and twirl*

>@henryandfriends *march and twirl and march and twirl* pantpantpant thank you Henry that is nice of you to slow #truck down a little

>@henryandfriends I wonder why no one else parading....maybe they all wanted to WATCH a parade? #truck *march and twirl and march and twirl*

>@sydpie yoo can cach breff sid cos parade do jus be gowin by an we wil joyn on end .... #truck>@henryandfriends Okay! Thank you, pantpantpant *puts down baton to watch big parade go by* pantpant *sits up pretty to see floats*

... vrm ... vrm .. vrm .. vrm .. vrm ...vrm .... vrm ... vrm ... vrm ...

we wil gow wen parayd av gon parst us ...

When #truck stopped near a cotton candy vendor, I jumped down and bought everyone some and passed it out.
While we was all laughing and joking and enjoying the parade, we heard some mumbling from the glove box again.@Happpiii Zzzzzz zzzz ... mumble mumble... dreaming of #truck... waving in sleep.... vrooom... toooot... screech zzz... zzzzzzZZ... ahhh...soft pillow

@Happpiii wayk up appy yoo is missin th parayd ... #truck

when I retweeted @tweetypie54: OMD I think I just got cottoncandy in sumbodys fur #truck// glad it wasnt mine... dont want bath LOL

I heard henry say:@Kyba ... it did be on me unta .... now i got stikky ferr

RT @henryandfriends: @Kyba . it did be on me unta ... now i got stikky ferr #truck // not me henry I didnt do it...

But one of the sweet kitties was nice enough to help out in cleaning Henry by licking him, of course. Here, let me. There, all clean!

.... al abord we is gowin now ... ..... i did jus see ise creem van gow parst ..... vroooom ..... vrooooom .... vroooom ...

and just as we stopped at the icecream truck:
@GeorgetheDuck *bicycles up to meet the truk at the ise cream van* #truck hi everybody!Everyone was ordering icecream. whats a truck ride without stopping at the Icecream truck!!

And then it was time for Huntyr to head home: #truck I am gonna have to run home soon.... do you mind if I toot just one more time???

Thanks for letting it be my turn at tooting horn..

as always,

Sunday, August 23, 2009

pic in nick basket!!

Wow What a day... started out early, we went for a ride in the truck and ended up at a campground...

YOGI BEAR'S campground!!!

Me and mom went for a walk looking for him.

At first we didn't find him but we did find some pretty flowers.

Then I spotted a cool, Huntyr, size boat. I jumped in and took it for a spin.

Ok so it didn't go anywhere, someone had stolen the water underneath it, but it was fun anyway.

There was no more time for looking for Yogi right now as it was racing time!!!

It was just a fun day of racing, not really competition. Lots of people came to watch us run.

We ran and ran and ran.......


When racing was done it was picnic time!!!

Mom and I went for another walk while food was getting ready.

We found Yogi!! He was hiding in the trees cuz he had just snagged another

pic in nick basket.

I jumped right in and helped him eat all the goodies that were in the basket.
ohhhhh some really yummy stuff in there.

Yogi knows he isn't suppose to snag baskets but he
just can't help himself.

We looked for BooBoo but he was hiding.
I finally found him hiding in the playground.

But then, Ranger Smith came along. He was none to happy to find that we snagged a huge picnic basket again.
He sent Yogi home and held me until mom came to rescue me.
She scolded me while he was there but soon as we started to walk away, she started laughing.
I wiggled my butt and grinned up at her.
We went back and enjoyed the big picnic.

as always,

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Puz Celebration....

wowo henry fired up the truck for a second day in a row. We are
going to visit puz before he heads for the rainbow bridge tommorrow.

we is gowin to say ower by bys to puz cos it do be is larst day toomoro. cos ee reeely il ...
@super_muffy We could play games if there's no music. the
nose on the human...or red rover...or... what are some of @puzthecat's favorite songs we can
play them on the #truckwe dussnt want no sad song ... ownly apppy wuns ....
we gonna have happy day today on wif @Puzthecat and save tears for tomorrow, purrrr

Yes Henry, I have brought some lucky white Scottish
heather for @PuzTheCat for his journey tomorrow #puztruck

wen ee do gow ova raynbow bridj ellin ee wil be appy an ther do be lots frends to welcom im aswel
@RockumSockum no teers now rokkum ... we is gowin to selbrayt Puz
“Most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When
mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”

.......................... TOOOOOOOOOT ... @PuzTheCat .... we av com see yoo ..... #puztruck

I brought a little flower for
Then I could hear all sorts of good wishes whispered and spoken along with lots of hugs and tears......
@GeorgeTheDuck HURRAY!!!!!! *waves wings* 3 cheers for
Puz! HIP HIP HURRAY! #puztruck
>You are a good kitty and a good friend and I will miss you so very
much! LUVS
>peace to you on your journey. I will be thinking about and wish
comfort for your parent.
>Hello everyone, just popped in to join Puz and raise my glass to the
Ambassador of Ham, cheers
>I wish there was words to help puz and his humans.... for every tear
there is a happy memory to replace them....
>I've made you a nommy catnip cake, have cut it into tiny pieces for
>Journey well, dear Puz. May your spirit soar free and happy above us
all *GentleMarmaladeMorrisHuggles*
>Nose taps and smooches to @PuzTheCat. As @Petiethecat said, may u soon b free from pain & playing in fields of catnip. You will be missed.

@GeorgeTheDuck*pulls magic blender and a huge ham out of cooler* ok! hamtinis comin up!(everyone knows how much Puz loves ham)Time for a toast with my catniptini, "To my very brave friend @PuztheCat -- a lifetime isn't long enuf 2 know u! We loves u, Puz!"
and lots of cups and glasses and paws were raised in deep respect to Puz.
i fink is time we is gowin now cos we dussnt want @PuzTheCat to be to tired.... al abord th truk an we al gow bak toogevva ... #puztruck
GeorgetheDuck *packs up cooler and glasses* let's not leave trash for Puz's mom to pick up
Then quietly I hear.... tis is speshly for @PuzTheCat ..♫ th weels on th truk gow rownd an rownd .. rownd an rownd ..rownd an rownd.. ♫ th weels on th ...
The rainbow bridge is paved with love...
@SwtGeorgiaBrwn Isn't it wonderful? Puz is bringing so many of us
together who may not have met otherwise. Thanks @PuzTheCat!
As always,

wedesday means #TRUCK ride!!!!

Ahhhhh Wednesday, and that means



@henryandfriends finishes his check list and begins the picking up.

truk ✔ brayks✔deesul✔oyl✔mirros✔winskreen woshurs ✔lites ✔orn
✔.mindkayturs ✔

and then I heard...... vrooom .... vrooom ... ♫weels on truk gow rownd an rownd ...
rownd an rownd♫ ... vrooom ... vrooom ...#truck

i stoppin for @kyba now .... tik tik tik tik tik ... stopppp .... up yoo com unta

I barely got on when @wilsonbearsaid...@henryandfriends Thanks,
Henry! @jackson_Bear and I have to get off in just one more minute,
I'm afraid. But it's already been fun!! #truck
@JinJinDoggy Thanks for the help up into #truck Puts on seatbelt. *grin*

As usual the cats all choose to ride in the cab on the soft cushions. But when henry told one to toot.....
Puzthecat:@SissyDawnie Having fun, riding in the #truck with the
gang, but @TonyTheSiamese has made his presence known here.Sidthecatahoula: BOL! I though there was a fancy new horn that made smells! #truckjinjindoggy:Uh Oh, Puz, they mean toot the #truck horn!

@HolliesDogTails: puts nose prints all over the glass window of the
Even anipals to busy to ride acknowlege henry's truck:@beardoctor:*waves at the #truck as it rolls down the street* "Goodnight everybody, have a safe trip." *knuffel*

henry:we is neerly in new forist now an ther do be lot room for
evrrywun to play but no chaysin enny of th aminals wot liv
ere...vrooom .. #truck

i is lukkin for edwud cos ee sed ee wud bring ise
creem truk down
for us aswel ..... tik tik tik tik tik ... stoppin ... #truck i av fownd edwud wiv ise creem van ... com an get ise creems an
yogert an uvva fings
RT @henryandfriends: we is neerly in new forist now // forest??!!!!
oh my, will there be lions and tigers and bears????? #truck@kyba no unta ... ther do be orsis cows deers donkis an sumtimes
pigs an gotes aswel ... #truck

@SydPie Be careful of your shoulder in the #truck.

just as the truck stops by Edwards icecream truck:
holliesDogTails: jumps off #truck to chse a squirrel

up a tree which will now become a great story for #squirrelclub next week

@GeorgeTheDuck *skids in on bicycle with playing cards clacking in the spokes* hi yall! phew, i made it #truck
@Happpiii @GeorgeTheDuck Me too! It sounds sort of like a motorcycle but much better for the environment! And you can play cards when you stop! #truck
@henryandfriends hmmms think i can tie my bicycle on top of the #truck? i'll give it a try @GeorgeTheDuck ther do be room on truk for bysikl jorg ... i elp yoo lift up .... #truck

Edwards truck has something for everyone!
@GeorgeTheDuck slow down jorg ... wud yoo like ise creem wiv werms
in ... #truck
@SydPie i sorry to keep yoo waytin sid ... vanilla wiv beef sprinkls
for yoo as a treet ... #truck @henryandfriends Beef sprinkles!! Wow Henry! You are the BEST
ice cream maker EVER!!!!! thank you *stares at beef sprinkes*
@BusterConCat @SweetSmokey we is now in new forist an yoo can av play, an ise creem aswel if yoo wud like wun wiv catnip aswel ... #truck

henry:@HolliesDogTails no olly ... yoo dussnt chays th deer ... not in new forist. els yoo wil av gow on leed ... #truck
@PixelDoggy Hey Jin Jin! U heard Henry, Ur not supposed to chase the deer!! #truck

@Kyba: ut oh... look whats in the forest!!!!!

We're gonna need tomato juice!RT

Uh oh! definitely time to get in the truck and ride home! RT

@kyba @kyba @kyba .... unnnnnnta .... unnnnnnnta ... we is gettin
reddy to gow ... com boy ... ere unta ... #truck

... vrooom ... vroooom .... vrooom .... i stoppin ere so yoo can get of if is ware yoo do livs ...
tik tik tik tik tik ... stoppppp
*waves good bye to henry and the truck*
See ya next wednesday!!!

as always,

Monday, August 17, 2009

short version of Aug 15-16 Trial

Saturday at our MWJRTC trial

Trailing and Locating,
Last spring I tried this for the first time but momma held my leash and I didn't really get to work it. So I was looking forward to it at this Summer Celebration trial.

We met the judge at dinner Friday night. Momma was asking him lots of questions.
Suddenly I saw momma turn white.
The Judge said, nope no leashes, nope not fenced in.
She said I couldn't play now.

The event was surrounded by open field on two sides and woods on one side and a HUGE cornfield on the other side...

But when saturday afternoon came around, she strolled over to the field.
Still she kept telling me, I am not sure we are gonna play Huntyr boy.
Will you stay with momma?

I kept telling her I wanta play but she was so upset.

We walked up with a few friends of ours. And looked at the course.
The weeds we were in, were as tall as me...

We watched our friends play, or at least momma did. She kept making me stand behind other people. I couldnt see. Three of my friends took there turns and got DQ(disqualifed)...

Now momma was really scared. First she said, if they can't win this, how will Huntyr boy?

Then she says if I run into that cornfield or those woods she won't be able to find me.Should she let me play or shouldn't she. She said that a 100 times.
Finally her friends talked her into it. They said they would stay and help find me.

So she carried me to the start line. The judge stood right in front of her while he explained the rules. I still couldn't see where the "rat" was........ grrrrr

She set me on the ground where there was dead grass...
She pointed to the ground and told me to smell.
OMG, let me at it!!! What ever that smell was, I wanted it...

She took my leash and collar off and I was naked. Now she said, go find it!
First I looked at her funny, naked? I get to run naked?
I don't even get to run naked outside at home.

But one more sniff on the dead grass, and she didn't have to tell me twice!!
Bounding thru those weeds I followed that scent. I wanted that "rat"!!!!

I saw some tunnels but I didn't waste my time going thru them. (I guess I was suppose to), but I kept going running running running....

ohhhhh a cornfield, that looks like fun, momma screamed NOOOOOOOOOO, I turned and my nose found that good smell again. I was running really fast and momma was trying to run with me, now that was funny.

But I was so far ahead of her, I forgot she was there, I just wanted whatever it was that was smelling so good.

So I kept following the trail of scent. Once I lost the scent and I had to run around and search and search. Momma was trying to call me to where she was at but I had found that good smell over here by the woods, and I was still running.

We both heard the judge say "he's ok, let him run" and so momma followed me.

I heard her yelling "tunnel", huh tunnel, she must be confused, this isn't an agility course. But my feet were following my nose, running running running, and then I SEE A TUNNEL.

ok so I ran in the tunnel and wowowowowowow a rat!!! I found it!!!!

All my friends that watched me were yelling and clapping. Mom scooped me up in her arms and I got huge hugs and kisses and praises.

The judge just said I took the lead, first place by 11 seconds!!!
But in the end I did end up in 2nd place but whoooooo cares!!

The hugs and kisses I keep getting from momma every time she tells the story is soooooooooo worth staying with her and playing the game like it was suppose to be played.

We had a great weekend.

I will tell you more stories as we get some pictures ready.
There are no pictures for this event.......

Just stories and memories...... and a RED ribbon!

as always,

Thursday, August 13, 2009

another #truck ride

@maebellepup threw a fantastic #treatclub party today.
It was really fun!!she is a great host!
@sydpie brought hotdog casserole for everyone@SidTheCatahoula bacon wrapped meatloaf too!!!
In honor of the first #treatclub pawty we will be breaking a pinata sid will do the honors

The pinata was broke and treats rained down on everyone and we ate till we were sick. Jokes and stories were told and a great time persued.

Soon @henryandfriends had his new truck up and ready for the #truck ride and the #treatclub was more than happy to join up with him.

On the truck, you hear so many things, "are we gonna have singy songy?"

and then @henryandfriends started singing: rownd an rownd ... rownd an rownd ... th weels on my truk gow rownd an r.. al day long #truck

I heard @Petiethecat whispering to somebody..."ask @henryandfriends & he let u toooot #truck 's horn. He let me do it b4 but dont b startled cos is vry loud"
@henryandfriends: rownd an rownd ... rownd an rownd ... th weels on my truk gow rownd an r.. al day long

@SwtGeorgiaBrwn: Hooo wheee!!! This is fuuuuunn! The wind is blowing through my hair. Hope I don't get carsick!! @TullyBones: Is we jus drivin today or is we goin somewhere? Cuz I dont mind jus drivin... @TullyBones: @henryandfriends Was no nice of you to make the truk bigger Is so spayshush back here!

Suddenly all anipals were alert, there was @common_squirrel running in front of the truck...Even though we is always after him, we was worried. Not fair the truck could do what we all wanted to, so @henryandfriends stopped the truck for a minute...@tweetypie54 hopped our and checks him out... he is fine..

While we were stopped @Buttersquirrel jumped into the truck. off we go...@henryandfriends: rownd an rownd ... rownd an rownd ... th weels on my truk gow rownd an r.. al day long. Butters was a bit scared of the speed, so he asked if he could hold onto my neck. The JRT in me said no but my mouth said "sure we are anipals" and he climbed on.

A bit a later, @henryandfriends: i pullin off motaway now so we can stop an strch legs an fings .... tik tik tik tik tik tik .... slowin down at rowndabowt .... @JinJinDoggy: Ooh, we're in the park! Who wants to chase the ball with us? @LouPeb: *impressed by @henryandfriends driving skill* you're great driver Henry! hey nice place to stop. trees! *sniff sniff* ahhhhhhhh

I overheard @ThatStripeyCat asking whats going on to @henryandfriends:i not shor jus yet. we is avin tree brayk for th doggis jus now @EmmytheCat: @henryandfriends MOL. Look at all those doggies at da trees. #truck
then the fingerpuppet @Happpiii: *mumbling* Where is the perfect place to sneak off for a nap in a #truck? Aha! Glove compartment! *shuffle* *knuffel* *ruffle* ahh... zzzzzz
Even tho didnt get off to stretch, the cats were having fun too...@MissGypsyKitty: I is passing out fishie treats

Everyone climbed back in the truck for @GeorgeTheDuck: to take a group picture... Everybody say CHEEZ!

@henryandfriends: we is ere. ther do be park wiv trees. beech wiv sand. th see an ...... ise creem for evrrywun .....

A few doggies got really excited about the sand and began a sandcastle.

Took them awhile but they got it done!

@GeorgeTheDuck: *grabs his life jacket and runs into the water* Cowabungaaaaaaaaaa
I was gonna jump in the water too but after seeing the duck put on a lifejacket I changed my mind, and sniffed around the area instead then wandered off for the icecream.

RT @henryandfriends: is neerly time for us to be eddin ome agin evrrywun ....

@Mulder_Cat: Over hill over dale we will hit the dusty trail as the anipals go truckin' along
Once again it was a great time.

As I jumped off near my house I waved back at all the anipals still on the truck

on there way home...the last thing I heard was..
Da wheels on da #truck go rownd an rownd, rownd an rownd, rownd an rownd

as always,

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2nd #squirrelclub meeting

tuesday we had our second #squirrelclub "meeting".

Those of us who attended last week know we had a great time! Before it started we heard lots of others barking and barking, excited, as it will be their first time!

Its been held both weeks at #lilopuppy's "cave" which is really her backyard but hey if she wants to call it a cave, we will too!

Lots of treats were brought and shared, including fresh sweetcorn and beef snacks!

Talking about how the squirrels are always saved by trees, it was suggested to make a beaver an anipal so he can take care of the trees that always protect the squirrels.

Even Brutus said he was having trouble and he can stand 6 ft tall, yet still trees are taller...grrrr

wowow then we found out, @no_crybaby_dogs never ever saw a squirrel, how sad is that?

Before long, @butter_squirrel showed up....

@sydpie brought meatballs, and I wondered what kind of meat they were LOL
@tweetypie had to leave for a spell to chase squirrel, trying to crash our meeting,outside his window...

#squirrelclub agreed @buttersquirrel is ok but @common_squirrel needs to be taught a lesson still.

Lilopuppy reminded us that last weeks "minutes" were on her blog.

Monday, August 10, 2009

a quiet weekend in LoneRock Wisc

ahhhh another week at lonerock wisc.

A nice little cabin on two acres of pine trees.
The Pines are miles of pine trees planted like corn back in the late 1960's. They now are all about 60ft tall.
We recently thinned them out so more new baby trees can
grow up.
You can barely see our drive so watch for the sign!

Turn here!

As you can see its a nice quiet cabin in the woods.

One of my favorite things about going north is that I get to sleep in the big bed.

I know alot of you say, pfft big deal, but to me it is a big deal. At home I sleep in a crate every night, while those two spoiled cats gets to sleep on the bed with m & d. But since they decided they dont want to travel anymore and they stay home, I get to sleep on it!

When inside, when I am not playing with one of mytoys, I like to look out thru all the
windows there but they are high up, so I have to sit on the backs of chairs and couches to
see out. I am the watch dog bol bol bol

You never know what might be cooking for dinner.

One thing you can be sure of though, it will be yummy.!

This time it was steak and sweetcorn.

I decided I best help peel that corn if I have any hope at all

of getting some of the steak or the corn!

After it was all peeled,

I did the supervisor job of seeing

that it was cooked to perfection.

Looks like mom is doing a good


After it was all cooked, I did my best,
starving routine look,

and managed to pull off getting a

steak bone while it was still warm too!!

Saturday the sun was out. It was hot but me and mom decided to go for a long walk.

We both like them.

Sometimes they are longer than others

but thats ok.

There is always good smells.

She makes me stay on a leash during the walks but she uses my long one and I can run down
and check the trees and tall grassy areas that I see. If I smell a really good smell, she even lets me stay there and smell and smell and smell.

I leave little marks on everything so the next guy that comes along knows I was there first.

Saturday was so hot, about half way thru I just walked next to mom. I actually really wanted to find the shortcut home LOL

Not that I would admit that to mom.

a little breather never hurts, so I stopped to check out some pretty flowers.

Even they were looking a little

wilted in the heat.

Sunday was cloudy and rainy. And even during the non rainy times,

I didnt ask to go out into that heat and humidity again. We don't have one of those weather machines at home like we do in LoneRock so I decided to stay in and enjoy it.

I got all my toys out of the toybox and played, and played, and played.

monday morning mom got up early, so I followed her out into the living room.
When suddenly, my nose said, "huh, what!!???"
There was a mouse in the house while I was sleeping.
This is unexceptable.
I will get you.....

After about 4 hours of trying to get under the shelving.

I thought maybe I would ask for help.

But noone came to help me.

A few more hours of trying then we had to leave and come home.

"Don't worry little mouse, I will be back!"
As always,

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twitter #Truck Ride

It started out as a regular old boring day. I was just wandering around the yard sniffing out chipmunks and toads and playing a little ball.

Suddenly I got a tweet that asked if I wanted to go on a #truck ride.I thought sure why not..... and I even offered to drive. I proved to them I was a good driver but @henryandfriends wanted to drive and take his truck.

I said sure... and helped spread the word to all the anipals.

Finally it was time to for the #truck ride and I climbed aboard. So did a gazillian other anipals. We had the dogs, the cats, ducks, guinea pig, monkeys, hedgehog, stuffed anipals, and "happii".

The big kids were helping the little ones stay aboard
And then "Grab my paw. *shuts eyes* Here we go!"

I heard all sorts of barking, and laughing and mumblings during the ride,"MMPH! wufffmumblecoff somebody mumblecoff get this cat off my head", "I will need window seat, ear surfing always required", "it's a little hard to fly with a cat 3 times your size on your head" "i'm ok though"I'm not driving , it's nearly 6.00 somewhere so I've got my Heineken. Drive slow so no spill please " " *hands Hannnnk a roootbeer snowcone* hope u like it!" "What a wonderful view we have up here, dont you agree @HellaHedgie?" " Some drops of ice cream are running down your head Syd" "Ears flapping sounds great! I am short of ears but big on arms! *arms waving in wind*" " Stop that, silly, and come out from under the seat already"
I heard someone serving strawberries, and others having snowcones, icecream, and cookies. I even heard a few people providing wonderful music.

"Whats that?!!!"
We cruised past a carnival, ohhh not cruised past, we stopped!!"
"a fair! I see the top of the ferris wheel, yay! "
Wow some rode the ferris wheel. "oh Sid it's higher than it looks *gulps*" ,
while others rode the "hang on, roller coaster? *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*"
"that was such fun don't tell anyone I was screaming like a girl will ya?"
"me too *hold hanks' paw rill tite* let's get down an get off of here okai?"

But then the call was sent out to reboard the truck and took everyone back home. Someone even got to...." yoo can to ot orn on way ome. we issnt lowd yews orn wen is standin stil ..."

I wish I could list all who went on the truck ride but the pic shows alot of us. #georgetheduck snapped the pic when we first headed out.
Thanks George for the picture, and thanks to @henryandfriends for a FUN and safe trip!!!