Friday, July 29, 2011


It's been so hot.... 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Buckingham Blitz

The Buckingham Blitz in Raymond, MN was really fun!
It was a two day Jack Russell Terrier trial.
In other words, racing and RATS!!!!
What could be more fun? *S* 
We arrived the day before and set up our "home"...
I got to play for a little bit with the other
Mid West Jack Russell Terrier Club 
doggies that I know.

Early in the day we go racing.
Then there was time for a nap
in my xpen before RAT time *S*
Finally it was RAT time...
first stop barn hunt.
Didn't take me long to sniff out that bad guy!
I see Daddy and Uncle Dale found a place to rest
while I checked out the rats.

This is the GTG (go to ground) tunnels.
I found the rat fast enough to get 3rd place 
This was something new.  Go Fur It.
 I had to run around and find an entrance to
 a tunnel that is underground. The tunnel
leads to a rat at the other end. I ran around 
till I found it. See it in that big log there?
 In and down I went. I had to go slow, 
cuz I is a big boy and the tunnel was little
and DARK.
 I found a little tunnel under there and turned.
I wasnt suppose to turn but I did. 
Big mistake. I tried to turn around but
I was too big for the tunnel and I got stuck.
I couldn't turn around, I couldn't back up.
Ummm mom....... come help me. 
I sat very still and quiet.
I knew momma was up there cuz
I could here her calling me.
So I waited. Nice and quiet. and waited.
How was I suppose to know she cant 
see me thru the ground? 
Finally after 15 minutes and 
(10 years off her life, she says) 
she dug up the tunnel and found me.
It's a great competition concept.