Sunday, January 31, 2010

waiting for groundhog

waiting for the groundhog!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Trip around the State of Illinois

We went on 4 day trip for daddy work again.
We covered the whole state of Illinois in
4 days in a Budget truck, 10 hours a day.

It gets very tiring cuz I am silly and will NOT sit or lay down
when the truck is moving.

Try standing and balancing in a bouncing truck that long and see how tired you get!!

One fun place we did stop for a few minutes was in Chester, IL.
Home of Popeye!!!
I looked for him but he must have been visiting other anipals

as always,

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Digging in the snow~

I was walking on this hill when my nose said...


and I started to dig in the snow.

I was positive there was a mouse hiding in there!
So I dug and dug and dug...
As you can see,
my nose got cold!
It looks almost as pink as it does when I sunburn it in the summer time *S*

But I never gave up till momma
picked me up and carried me away from there.
She did manage to get some movies of my digging, in case, you're interested!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Honest Scrap" Award


I am humbled and honored to recieve this award given to me, Huntyr,by Rosie, Dolly and crew @flicka47 .

About the award. From what I can see, this award has been passed for years from blogger to blogger. Not just anipals but all sorts of bloggers.
I am honored to have received this award!
The requirements for the award are to:

(1) Highlight the award on your blog and link back to the friend who gave you the award.
(2) Tell everyone ten things about yourself that no one knows
(3) Bestow the award on ten other worthy bloggers and make sure you tell them they have been so honored.
So lets begin..
1. So far I have over 150 awards for JRT racing and JRT "rat event"

2. Even tho I love to go for rides in car or truck, I will NOT sit or lay down while its moving, not even for a minute. I don't care if its a 10 minute ride or a 10 hour ride, I am not gonna miss a thing! Therefore, momma always has to hold me up (see my secret now?) cuz I tend to fall asleep standing up and fall or crash to the floor.
3. I am definetely a momma's boy and undoubtedly spoiled as such. And guess what?! I would have it no other way...

4. Learning to read flash cards. My motto, have treat, will read. BOL BOL

5.I love playgrounds and new things to ride..

6.I have a collar to match each holiday or event, made by mom. I could care less, any one of them work, but she likes them, so I play along. Just attach a leash, come-on lets go out!

7.In summer you can find me outside searching for "chipmunks" and things that move, or helping Dad practice his horseshoes, or my specialty:digging!!!

8.I help mom and dad run the barn hunt events at all mwjrtc (midwest jack russell terrier club) fun days and trials.

9.Of course, I will sleep all day until someone says the words "squirrel park" then I am off like a rocket ship. If you say it, you BETTER mean it!!!

10.I have two kitties "sisters" who live upstairs, one big brother Buddy,African Grey Parrot, and two large turtles that are more fun to watch than animal planet.......

I pass the award on to:

there is noone like @GeorgeTheDuck

I look forward each saturday to the cooking show by @zackRabbit

@mattiedog always has cute little stories to tell

@theculinaryK9 is the sweetest person who makes the bestest homemade treats!!

@niqqi is always active in all our #pawpawty events!

Of course, there is @henryandfriends with his skip and his smile to cheer you up.
@frugaldougal the most dedicated anipal I know for #pawpawty fundraiser events.and a super guy too!!

@mariodacat a super guy (for a cat) ....

and with a tease and a flick of his tail, the elusive @easternGray squirrel

and who could not mention one of the big sponser for @santapaws #pawpawty @TheGREENIESComp

Thanks again for the award.
This was fun to tell you more about me
and to honor some of my friends too!!
as always,

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

mom's new toy.....

So this is what all the excitement is about?
The Barnes and Nobles Nook ebook reader.
It looks like a little gizmo which momma put my picture on,
in black and white, no less...
Ok so it has big print to help momma's eyes. Yawn, how exciting...

How can she possible find that more exciting than either of these two things??

A nice loud squeaky ball, or a raccoon toy with TWO squeakies in it.

I know what I chooose!!!
But still Momma seems pretty thrilled
over her new toy!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2009 Twitter Memories

I am just sitting here thinking about all the fun I had in 2009.
Thanks to all of you!
I put a few of the memories together and if you would like to stroll down memory lane with me...