Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Goodbye, Rocky, my friend.

 From you I learned to smile.
I learned to enjoy life, no matter what.
I learned tunnels, a-frame, and teeter.
I marveled at your weaves.
I loved our walks in fairyland. 
We always had so much fun.

 You will always be my most special friend.
 Me and momma will watch over your momma.
It's nice to know you are now pain free
and running somewhere over the rainbow bridge with Chris.


  1. Huntyr, you are such a sweet friend. I am sorry you have lost your pal, Rocky, but I will watch out for him at the Bridge and maybe he can even teach clumsy me some of those fantastic moves. Smooch!

  2. Oh deer, sorry to hear about your chum Huntyr. I am sure he do be watchin you from OTRB and wantin you not to be sad.

  3. Sorry about your pal, Rocky. There are lots of friends OTRB waiting to make him feel welcome until we all meet up again. LUL XXXX