Wednesday, December 8, 2010

2010 Dec Route--Corrected

This past weekend we went on our December
route. Three 10 hour days in a BIG Budget truck.
It's not much fun so me and momma try to find fun things
to do when we get out of the truck.
We stayed Saturday night in a nice motel with a HUGE
bed. I got to sleep on it! Ahhh felt so good after being
in that big truck for so long.

The motel was  decorated up
 really pretty for the holiday season.
I sat at the top of the steps.
 I really wanted to run down them
but there was two  people in white clothes
at the botton and guess what...
somene was taking their picture too!! 
The man in white had his picture taken with me by the
shiny snowmen. I tried to mark him with nice paw
prints but momma had a fit and scooped me up.
geeze would have looked nice.

Even though it was snowing 8" of snow at home.
It couldn't catch us driving down the road.
It tried but we kept going south and it finally gave up.
But Mr. Wind and Cool kept right up.


  1. Sounds oike you had a pawsome trip. nice to stay in a hotel with lots of Christmas decoratios up.

  2. Ooh, that sounds like a terrier-ific trip!