Thursday, August 6, 2009

Twitter #Truck Ride

It started out as a regular old boring day. I was just wandering around the yard sniffing out chipmunks and toads and playing a little ball.

Suddenly I got a tweet that asked if I wanted to go on a #truck ride.I thought sure why not..... and I even offered to drive. I proved to them I was a good driver but @henryandfriends wanted to drive and take his truck.

I said sure... and helped spread the word to all the anipals.

Finally it was time to for the #truck ride and I climbed aboard. So did a gazillian other anipals. We had the dogs, the cats, ducks, guinea pig, monkeys, hedgehog, stuffed anipals, and "happii".

The big kids were helping the little ones stay aboard
And then "Grab my paw. *shuts eyes* Here we go!"

I heard all sorts of barking, and laughing and mumblings during the ride,"MMPH! wufffmumblecoff somebody mumblecoff get this cat off my head", "I will need window seat, ear surfing always required", "it's a little hard to fly with a cat 3 times your size on your head" "i'm ok though"I'm not driving , it's nearly 6.00 somewhere so I've got my Heineken. Drive slow so no spill please " " *hands Hannnnk a roootbeer snowcone* hope u like it!" "What a wonderful view we have up here, dont you agree @HellaHedgie?" " Some drops of ice cream are running down your head Syd" "Ears flapping sounds great! I am short of ears but big on arms! *arms waving in wind*" " Stop that, silly, and come out from under the seat already"
I heard someone serving strawberries, and others having snowcones, icecream, and cookies. I even heard a few people providing wonderful music.

"Whats that?!!!"
We cruised past a carnival, ohhh not cruised past, we stopped!!"
"a fair! I see the top of the ferris wheel, yay! "
Wow some rode the ferris wheel. "oh Sid it's higher than it looks *gulps*" ,
while others rode the "hang on, roller coaster? *wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*"
"that was such fun don't tell anyone I was screaming like a girl will ya?"
"me too *hold hanks' paw rill tite* let's get down an get off of here okai?"

But then the call was sent out to reboard the truck and took everyone back home. Someone even got to...." yoo can to ot orn on way ome. we issnt lowd yews orn wen is standin stil ..."

I wish I could list all who went on the truck ride but the pic shows alot of us. #georgetheduck snapped the pic when we first headed out.
Thanks George for the picture, and thanks to @henryandfriends for a FUN and safe trip!!!


  1. Love the picture of you int he big red truck Huntyr, very dashing!

  2. Great job Hyntyr! I've linked to your article from my blog for everybody to see too!