Friday, August 28, 2009

tooting the #truck horn

I was just tweeting along when suddenly I heard:
.... tooooooot ..... toooooot .... i is ere wiv truk ...... tooooooot

Immediately you heard excited barks, meows and noises and anipals were running and jumping and climbing onto the truck.

Slowly lukn both ways so dont get myself trampld as I get in

One even was really huffing as he was (huff huff huff) Just dragging this cooler onto the #truck. I got Barka-Cola, Mountain Mew, barktinis and meowgaritas, and SUSHI!

Sushi? did he say sushi? I wasn't excited over that but I saw a long line of meowers who were!

i did ere sumwun sayin bowt a parayd tooday ... do it be for trucks ... is that ware we is gowin .... Everyone was excited to hear about a parade!

I asked Henry if I could toot the horn today and he said sure!!

Whoohooo!! I was so excited!!

I did try to warn everyone first before I tooted it.> everyone cover their ears if there sensitive.... gonna toot the #truck horn....... *TOOT* *TOOOOOOOOOT* *TOOT* *TOOT* *TOOOOOOOT* *TOOOOOT*@Kyba ... that wos reely lowd unta ... did yoo injoy it ... #truck
.... vroooom .... vroooom .... vroooom ....... vrooom .... tik tik tik tik tik tik .... ternin left ...

As always I overheard alot of comments.

@henryandfriends #truck I hope @GeorgeTheDuck shows.. the truck is so decked out . all groovy looking with everyone dressed for pawpawty
@henryandfriends The thing I like about the driver is that he is super safe & rides smoothly, not a lot of quick braking. thanks!! #truck
... vrooom .... weels on truk gow rownd an rownd .... vroooom .... rownd an rownd .... vroooom

Arriving at the parade we were told: Anipals that wants to play music or want to march along side or want to bring floats should say so
>@sydpie Hops off #truck and grabs a baton *march and twirl and march and twirl and march and twirl*

>@henryandfriends *march and twirl and march and twirl* pantpantpant thank you Henry that is nice of you to slow #truck down a little

>@henryandfriends I wonder why no one else parading....maybe they all wanted to WATCH a parade? #truck *march and twirl and march and twirl*

>@sydpie yoo can cach breff sid cos parade do jus be gowin by an we wil joyn on end .... #truck>@henryandfriends Okay! Thank you, pantpantpant *puts down baton to watch big parade go by* pantpant *sits up pretty to see floats*

... vrm ... vrm .. vrm .. vrm .. vrm ...vrm .... vrm ... vrm ... vrm ...

we wil gow wen parayd av gon parst us ...

When #truck stopped near a cotton candy vendor, I jumped down and bought everyone some and passed it out.
While we was all laughing and joking and enjoying the parade, we heard some mumbling from the glove box again.@Happpiii Zzzzzz zzzz ... mumble mumble... dreaming of #truck... waving in sleep.... vrooom... toooot... screech zzz... zzzzzzZZ... ahhh...soft pillow

@Happpiii wayk up appy yoo is missin th parayd ... #truck

when I retweeted @tweetypie54: OMD I think I just got cottoncandy in sumbodys fur #truck// glad it wasnt mine... dont want bath LOL

I heard henry say:@Kyba ... it did be on me unta .... now i got stikky ferr

RT @henryandfriends: @Kyba . it did be on me unta ... now i got stikky ferr #truck // not me henry I didnt do it...

But one of the sweet kitties was nice enough to help out in cleaning Henry by licking him, of course. Here, let me. There, all clean!

.... al abord we is gowin now ... ..... i did jus see ise creem van gow parst ..... vroooom ..... vrooooom .... vroooom ...

and just as we stopped at the icecream truck:
@GeorgetheDuck *bicycles up to meet the truk at the ise cream van* #truck hi everybody!Everyone was ordering icecream. whats a truck ride without stopping at the Icecream truck!!

And then it was time for Huntyr to head home: #truck I am gonna have to run home soon.... do you mind if I toot just one more time???

Thanks for letting it be my turn at tooting horn..

as always,


  1. You are a great reporter for the #truck rides, Huntyr. I'm sorry I couldn't take photos for this one. I did enjoy the ice creams though.

  2. Huntyr, you are awesome, so you've been tagged. Stop by my blog to see. If you want to play, that is.

  3. Did yall have a truck ride this week? I'm bummed I was busy taking the typist to the doctor and couldn't even stop by for ice cream.