Thursday, July 30, 2009

our trip to World Horseshoe Tournament

monday morning we piled in the truck and went for a ride.

It was a pretty long ride, all the way to Springfield, IL.

I went back and forth standing on moms lap or standing on the council

between mom and dad, watching out the window.

I don't like to miss a thing going by.

After 4 hours or so, we reached the big city and whoohoo went straight to a park.

It had lots of big trees, which means, SQUIRRELS!!

Dad immediately pulled his horseshoes out and practiced with a bunch of other guys.

Me and mom went for a walk. A long walk.

Felt good to get out of the truck and play. We chased some squirrels,

and watched the kids on the playground.

Then I found this poor baby bird, his momma was no where around.

I wanted to "help" him out but momma wouldn't let me...

finally after a good long drink of water, we sat down and watched dad practice.

Just look at the Arena he was playing in, if he wasn't nervous before,

that would make you nervous!!

48 pits changing players every 3 hours, from 7am to 8pm.

Dad was scheduled for 8pm, Mon Tues Wed nights. 15 games, 5 per night.

Nerves definetely won Monday night.

He won 1 game and lost 4. He never pitched even close to what he normally does.

Disappointment was clearly effident.

Tuesday night went slightly better, not great. He won 1 lost 3, tied 1.

Wednesday night, he was his old self for the first two games.

Then he must have been starting to think to much again LOL and things slowed down.

He did win one more.

So he ended up with a 5.5 wins and 9.5losses and ended up in 11th place.

There is always next year.

Pictures of him pitching.

one of the scoreboards.

the guys he pitched against

as always......

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