Monday, August 17, 2009

short version of Aug 15-16 Trial

Saturday at our MWJRTC trial

Trailing and Locating,
Last spring I tried this for the first time but momma held my leash and I didn't really get to work it. So I was looking forward to it at this Summer Celebration trial.

We met the judge at dinner Friday night. Momma was asking him lots of questions.
Suddenly I saw momma turn white.
The Judge said, nope no leashes, nope not fenced in.
She said I couldn't play now.

The event was surrounded by open field on two sides and woods on one side and a HUGE cornfield on the other side...

But when saturday afternoon came around, she strolled over to the field.
Still she kept telling me, I am not sure we are gonna play Huntyr boy.
Will you stay with momma?

I kept telling her I wanta play but she was so upset.

We walked up with a few friends of ours. And looked at the course.
The weeds we were in, were as tall as me...

We watched our friends play, or at least momma did. She kept making me stand behind other people. I couldnt see. Three of my friends took there turns and got DQ(disqualifed)...

Now momma was really scared. First she said, if they can't win this, how will Huntyr boy?

Then she says if I run into that cornfield or those woods she won't be able to find me.Should she let me play or shouldn't she. She said that a 100 times.
Finally her friends talked her into it. They said they would stay and help find me.

So she carried me to the start line. The judge stood right in front of her while he explained the rules. I still couldn't see where the "rat" was........ grrrrr

She set me on the ground where there was dead grass...
She pointed to the ground and told me to smell.
OMG, let me at it!!! What ever that smell was, I wanted it...

She took my leash and collar off and I was naked. Now she said, go find it!
First I looked at her funny, naked? I get to run naked?
I don't even get to run naked outside at home.

But one more sniff on the dead grass, and she didn't have to tell me twice!!
Bounding thru those weeds I followed that scent. I wanted that "rat"!!!!

I saw some tunnels but I didn't waste my time going thru them. (I guess I was suppose to), but I kept going running running running....

ohhhhh a cornfield, that looks like fun, momma screamed NOOOOOOOOOO, I turned and my nose found that good smell again. I was running really fast and momma was trying to run with me, now that was funny.

But I was so far ahead of her, I forgot she was there, I just wanted whatever it was that was smelling so good.

So I kept following the trail of scent. Once I lost the scent and I had to run around and search and search. Momma was trying to call me to where she was at but I had found that good smell over here by the woods, and I was still running.

We both heard the judge say "he's ok, let him run" and so momma followed me.

I heard her yelling "tunnel", huh tunnel, she must be confused, this isn't an agility course. But my feet were following my nose, running running running, and then I SEE A TUNNEL.

ok so I ran in the tunnel and wowowowowowow a rat!!! I found it!!!!

All my friends that watched me were yelling and clapping. Mom scooped me up in her arms and I got huge hugs and kisses and praises.

The judge just said I took the lead, first place by 11 seconds!!!
But in the end I did end up in 2nd place but whoooooo cares!!

The hugs and kisses I keep getting from momma every time she tells the story is soooooooooo worth staying with her and playing the game like it was suppose to be played.

We had a great weekend.

I will tell you more stories as we get some pictures ready.
There are no pictures for this event.......

Just stories and memories...... and a RED ribbon!

as always,

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