Monday, August 10, 2009

a quiet weekend in LoneRock Wisc

ahhhh another week at lonerock wisc.

A nice little cabin on two acres of pine trees.
The Pines are miles of pine trees planted like corn back in the late 1960's. They now are all about 60ft tall.
We recently thinned them out so more new baby trees can
grow up.
You can barely see our drive so watch for the sign!

Turn here!

As you can see its a nice quiet cabin in the woods.

One of my favorite things about going north is that I get to sleep in the big bed.

I know alot of you say, pfft big deal, but to me it is a big deal. At home I sleep in a crate every night, while those two spoiled cats gets to sleep on the bed with m & d. But since they decided they dont want to travel anymore and they stay home, I get to sleep on it!

When inside, when I am not playing with one of mytoys, I like to look out thru all the
windows there but they are high up, so I have to sit on the backs of chairs and couches to
see out. I am the watch dog bol bol bol

You never know what might be cooking for dinner.

One thing you can be sure of though, it will be yummy.!

This time it was steak and sweetcorn.

I decided I best help peel that corn if I have any hope at all

of getting some of the steak or the corn!

After it was all peeled,

I did the supervisor job of seeing

that it was cooked to perfection.

Looks like mom is doing a good


After it was all cooked, I did my best,
starving routine look,

and managed to pull off getting a

steak bone while it was still warm too!!

Saturday the sun was out. It was hot but me and mom decided to go for a long walk.

We both like them.

Sometimes they are longer than others

but thats ok.

There is always good smells.

She makes me stay on a leash during the walks but she uses my long one and I can run down
and check the trees and tall grassy areas that I see. If I smell a really good smell, she even lets me stay there and smell and smell and smell.

I leave little marks on everything so the next guy that comes along knows I was there first.

Saturday was so hot, about half way thru I just walked next to mom. I actually really wanted to find the shortcut home LOL

Not that I would admit that to mom.

a little breather never hurts, so I stopped to check out some pretty flowers.

Even they were looking a little

wilted in the heat.

Sunday was cloudy and rainy. And even during the non rainy times,

I didnt ask to go out into that heat and humidity again. We don't have one of those weather machines at home like we do in LoneRock so I decided to stay in and enjoy it.

I got all my toys out of the toybox and played, and played, and played.

monday morning mom got up early, so I followed her out into the living room.
When suddenly, my nose said, "huh, what!!???"
There was a mouse in the house while I was sleeping.
This is unexceptable.
I will get you.....

After about 4 hours of trying to get under the shelving.

I thought maybe I would ask for help.

But noone came to help me.

A few more hours of trying then we had to leave and come home.

"Don't worry little mouse, I will be back!"
As always,

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