Thursday, August 13, 2009

another #truck ride

@maebellepup threw a fantastic #treatclub party today.
It was really fun!!she is a great host!
@sydpie brought hotdog casserole for everyone@SidTheCatahoula bacon wrapped meatloaf too!!!
In honor of the first #treatclub pawty we will be breaking a pinata sid will do the honors

The pinata was broke and treats rained down on everyone and we ate till we were sick. Jokes and stories were told and a great time persued.

Soon @henryandfriends had his new truck up and ready for the #truck ride and the #treatclub was more than happy to join up with him.

On the truck, you hear so many things, "are we gonna have singy songy?"

and then @henryandfriends started singing: rownd an rownd ... rownd an rownd ... th weels on my truk gow rownd an r.. al day long #truck

I heard @Petiethecat whispering to somebody..."ask @henryandfriends & he let u toooot #truck 's horn. He let me do it b4 but dont b startled cos is vry loud"
@henryandfriends: rownd an rownd ... rownd an rownd ... th weels on my truk gow rownd an r.. al day long

@SwtGeorgiaBrwn: Hooo wheee!!! This is fuuuuunn! The wind is blowing through my hair. Hope I don't get carsick!! @TullyBones: Is we jus drivin today or is we goin somewhere? Cuz I dont mind jus drivin... @TullyBones: @henryandfriends Was no nice of you to make the truk bigger Is so spayshush back here!

Suddenly all anipals were alert, there was @common_squirrel running in front of the truck...Even though we is always after him, we was worried. Not fair the truck could do what we all wanted to, so @henryandfriends stopped the truck for a minute...@tweetypie54 hopped our and checks him out... he is fine..

While we were stopped @Buttersquirrel jumped into the truck. off we go...@henryandfriends: rownd an rownd ... rownd an rownd ... th weels on my truk gow rownd an r.. al day long. Butters was a bit scared of the speed, so he asked if he could hold onto my neck. The JRT in me said no but my mouth said "sure we are anipals" and he climbed on.

A bit a later, @henryandfriends: i pullin off motaway now so we can stop an strch legs an fings .... tik tik tik tik tik tik .... slowin down at rowndabowt .... @JinJinDoggy: Ooh, we're in the park! Who wants to chase the ball with us? @LouPeb: *impressed by @henryandfriends driving skill* you're great driver Henry! hey nice place to stop. trees! *sniff sniff* ahhhhhhhh

I overheard @ThatStripeyCat asking whats going on to @henryandfriends:i not shor jus yet. we is avin tree brayk for th doggis jus now @EmmytheCat: @henryandfriends MOL. Look at all those doggies at da trees. #truck
then the fingerpuppet @Happpiii: *mumbling* Where is the perfect place to sneak off for a nap in a #truck? Aha! Glove compartment! *shuffle* *knuffel* *ruffle* ahh... zzzzzz
Even tho didnt get off to stretch, the cats were having fun too...@MissGypsyKitty: I is passing out fishie treats

Everyone climbed back in the truck for @GeorgeTheDuck: to take a group picture... Everybody say CHEEZ!

@henryandfriends: we is ere. ther do be park wiv trees. beech wiv sand. th see an ...... ise creem for evrrywun .....

A few doggies got really excited about the sand and began a sandcastle.

Took them awhile but they got it done!

@GeorgeTheDuck: *grabs his life jacket and runs into the water* Cowabungaaaaaaaaaa
I was gonna jump in the water too but after seeing the duck put on a lifejacket I changed my mind, and sniffed around the area instead then wandered off for the icecream.

RT @henryandfriends: is neerly time for us to be eddin ome agin evrrywun ....

@Mulder_Cat: Over hill over dale we will hit the dusty trail as the anipals go truckin' along
Once again it was a great time.

As I jumped off near my house I waved back at all the anipals still on the truck

on there way home...the last thing I heard was..
Da wheels on da #truck go rownd an rownd, rownd an rownd, rownd an rownd

as always,

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  1. Hey Huntyr, I finally got the group photo processed. It's at and you can have a copy.