Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2nd #squirrelclub meeting

tuesday we had our second #squirrelclub "meeting".

Those of us who attended last week know we had a great time! Before it started we heard lots of others barking and barking, excited, as it will be their first time!

Its been held both weeks at #lilopuppy's "cave" which is really her backyard but hey if she wants to call it a cave, we will too!

Lots of treats were brought and shared, including fresh sweetcorn and beef snacks!

Talking about how the squirrels are always saved by trees, it was suggested to make a beaver an anipal so he can take care of the trees that always protect the squirrels.

Even Brutus said he was having trouble and he can stand 6 ft tall, yet still trees are taller...grrrr

wowow then we found out, @no_crybaby_dogs never ever saw a squirrel, how sad is that?

Before long, @butter_squirrel showed up....

@sydpie brought meatballs, and I wondered what kind of meat they were LOL
@tweetypie had to leave for a spell to chase squirrel, trying to crash our meeting,outside his window...

#squirrelclub agreed @buttersquirrel is ok but @common_squirrel needs to be taught a lesson still.

Lilopuppy reminded us that last weeks "minutes" were on her blog.

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