Sunday, August 23, 2009

pic in nick basket!!

Wow What a day... started out early, we went for a ride in the truck and ended up at a campground...

YOGI BEAR'S campground!!!

Me and mom went for a walk looking for him.

At first we didn't find him but we did find some pretty flowers.

Then I spotted a cool, Huntyr, size boat. I jumped in and took it for a spin.

Ok so it didn't go anywhere, someone had stolen the water underneath it, but it was fun anyway.

There was no more time for looking for Yogi right now as it was racing time!!!

It was just a fun day of racing, not really competition. Lots of people came to watch us run.

We ran and ran and ran.......


When racing was done it was picnic time!!!

Mom and I went for another walk while food was getting ready.

We found Yogi!! He was hiding in the trees cuz he had just snagged another

pic in nick basket.

I jumped right in and helped him eat all the goodies that were in the basket.
ohhhhh some really yummy stuff in there.

Yogi knows he isn't suppose to snag baskets but he
just can't help himself.

We looked for BooBoo but he was hiding.
I finally found him hiding in the playground.

But then, Ranger Smith came along. He was none to happy to find that we snagged a huge picnic basket again.
He sent Yogi home and held me until mom came to rescue me.
She scolded me while he was there but soon as we started to walk away, she started laughing.
I wiggled my butt and grinned up at her.
We went back and enjoyed the big picnic.

as always,

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  1. hehee... you look so cute in da boat, Huntyr!! Glad you had so much fun!