Wednesday, September 9, 2009


well it was a quiet day when me and momma and dad went for a walk.

Suddenly we stumbled across some bones.. yummy bones!!

But momma said "leave it" ... sigh.

I was really curious how/why these bones were here.

So I looked around......

hmmmmm nothing seems to be under here... I better look above...

MOM! Look there is something / someone in there!!!

OMD are they ugly!

Hey you guys, bark, bark,

you think you're so tough?

you ain't nearly as big as I think I am...

UT OH!!!
hey, hi... I am Huntyr, nice to meet ya...
uhmmmm mom I think there is other things to see around here, isn't there?!!!!!
come on lets go look.......

bye bye BIG green men.....

As always,


  1. Luv this Huntyr U have the most fun!

  2. OMC that iz so pawum. Human2 keeps talkin aliens but I neber saw dem up close likes u