Thursday, July 2, 2009

going to Wisconsin

well mom's been busy packing. Says we are going north this weekend. Not coming home till monday night!

Thats ok, its fun up there. We go for really long walks, just me and mom.
There is LOTS of trees and places to sniff out. Mostly we lay around the house and enjoy the peace and quiet. Mom's always real generous with treats up there too!!
Although this is not the quietest weekend we have had up there. I will get to sleep on the big bed. No crates up north!!! Its vacation time. I stay on my best behavior and get to sleep where the cats usually do at home. With mom!!! Dad rolls and kicks his feet so I stay close to mom on her side.

Friday I will stay home all day while they go to stock car races. Well, that pesky parrot, Buddy, will be there too, so I will have to be the big boy and save him if anything comes up. Its a long day locked in the house but I will stay curled up on the big bed and enjoy it. The best part is.... no cats, no turtles. They are staying home to guard the house here.

Saturday we get to go to the parade. I like that, lots of people pet me. but I don't like those NOISY firetrucks, I can definetely do without that part of the parade.Then it will be off to the park for the day. Dad has a horseshoe tournament to pitch in, so I get mom all to myself!! Lots of kids to play with.

Mom did promise me to bring me back to the cabin BEFORE fireworks on saturday night. I DO NOT LIKE FIREWORKS, ONE LITTLE BIT. I might even agree to some "rescue remedy" before they begin to help keep me calm. Going under the big helps a little too.

Please everyone have a safe and happy July 4th, may it be fireworks/noise free!

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