Thursday, July 9, 2009

funny or clever!?

When we were getting ready to go away for a few days over 4th of July,

I showed mom where to find a treat for those silly turtles she likes so much. Baby toads.

After chasing them for a little bit, I rounded up a few for mom to catch and we took them home in a bottle.

The turtle just so happened to be taking a little snooze on the ramp at that time but mom stuck a toad in there anyway.Who'd of guessed the toad could swim so good and fast. Lickedly split it swam up and immediately climbed up on the turtles floating dock.

Great! I thought, I can see what will happen.

Surely that stupid turtle will spot that toad and the chase will begin..

I thought wrong....

pawed by,Huntyr, hugs and licks
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