Monday, July 6, 2009

We're HOME!!!!!!

Well, we are home from Lone Rock Wisc.

I have LOTS of stories to tell ya but first I must tell you about someone special having a birthday.

Happy Birthday America!!
We woke up to a drizzly morning. Mom says America is having a birthday.
whoohoo! Cake and IceCream.
I sat by my bowl but noone was cutting a cake.Ok it must be coming later in the day.
Soon mom had leash in hand! Whoohoo! a walk? Nope. In the truck we go. Into the big town(population 500) of LoneRock.

Parade time. We wait and we wait and we wait.
Finally it began.

I was proud to honor the US Flag and veterans as they paraded in front of us.
The noisy firetrucks I could have done with out.
A hour later. Still lots of cars, Semi trucks and tractor after tractor.Ok I had enough, lets go.

But we stayed. Cousin Matthew was gonna be in the parade. We watched and waited. There he is!! And right behind him was his daddy, Matt.

Soon the parade was over and we were off to watch dad & Matt pitch horseshoes.
It was so exciting LOL yawn. But he did win 3rd place. Not bad dad, congrats!

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