Sunday, October 3, 2010

My littermate brother, Gus!

 Saturday, Sept 25, I was at the park
when my littermate, Gus, came to visit!
It was great to see him again!

We were able to run and play in the park!

And I showed him the gopher patch I had found!
We had fun digging them out!


  1. Aww U bof is so Handsome!! I see U had a great time lookin 4 Gophers, how many did U gets ? BOL xoxox

  2. You too are so cute together Huntyr. It's like you are reverses of each other on your faces - where he is brown you are white and vice versa. Cool!

  3. You both are such cuties too. So nice if you get to see each other now and then.

  4. That looks pawsome. I love it when I meet littermates.

  5. It is so cute to see dogs playing outdoor especially when they are with their buddies, isn't it? This applies not only to dogs but all animals including rabbit. So it is also good to bring rabbit out of their rabbit hutch sometime so play outdoors.