Sunday, October 24, 2010

halloween. 2010 ................

Its that time of year again.
Momma busy with that silly camera.
 I had to sit next to the pumpkins.
Then stand on the pumpkins. 
All the time wearing a pumpkin!!
I figured it out,
if I just do what she says,
I get this dumb thing off quicker.
and get a treat!
* bol bol*
 Happy Halloween,
 may your buckets
be full of dog treats!!


  1. Hunter, I just had to sit with my costume on for pictures as well. I just did what Ma wanted so I could get the darn thing off me as fast as possible. I feel your pain. I do hope you gotz lots of treats!
    Oh, and you do look very cute!

  2. Costumed dogs - rebel I say. If they make you dress up, refuse to pose! You cute doggies all dressed up just keep making my mom want to dress me up and no way Jose'. Anyone know who Jose' is?

  3. You are a very kind doggie elpin out mum like dat. Woof

  4. Awwww U is a great pumpkin Charley Brown Oh I means Huntyr BOL HUGS xoox