Monday, September 20, 2010

Lea... what a cutey!

Last weekend momma and me went with
Jill and Lea
 to Artic Blast, a JRT trial.
It was a very very long ride
and Jill drove ALL night!
Me and Lea became great friends.
 She is a 9 month old cutey!

We both raced and
looked for rats in three different events.
We brought home some ribbons
and Lots of great memories!

Look,  she came out first
and never gave up the lead!
That a girl!!!


  1. OH Huntyr you do live a xciting life !! wow it must be great to go places like dat an compete, an you is very lucky to have a sweet girlfriend to go wif you, an looks like she is very fast !!!

  2. Congrats Huntyr!! dat's bunnderful!! *hugs*