Monday, September 28, 2009

Sept #pawpawty

The sept pawpawty's theme was "down on the farm". Even though I knew there was no way I
would get to attend even one minute of the 24 hr Sept pawpawty, I was having fun making my own costumes and some for others before it started.

What could be more "down on the farm than pumpkins?"

But then I decided something a bit more creative was needed:

Lucky for me alot of people "wore" there costumes
a few days early so I could see some of them.
When @SydPie came out with hers, wearing a @GeorgetheDuck costume I just couldn't resist.
And I joined her on the farm with my own GeorgetheDuck costume.

Before long @GeorgetheDuck came out with his own costume,
ahhhh a cute piggy.....

@HenryandFriends decided to be a goat.
He said he didn't mind it except his beard did itch.

@no_crybaby_doGs wanted a cowbell and this little calf was willing to accomodate.
The little sheep came to say hello.......

#pawpawties are actually online fundraiser parties and are a blast. Anipals of every type participate, win prizes, eat, drink and have fun!!!
Some more costumes I spotted early before I left town are:

as always,

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