Sunday, October 25, 2009

Costumes...just plain silly...

Hi! October. Does it really have to come every year?

Mom and that camera are bad enough but October gives her an excuse for more of those

silly costumes!!

This one is most appropriate as I do alot of racing.

But isn't horses that have jockeys?

I don't need no rubber man telling me where the race track is....
Then whats my second most favorite thing to do?

catching rats and chipmunks...

But I never said I wanted to be one!!

But maybe they will be fooled and come closer??!!!

last year it was a bumble bee!! sigh
and I was King of the Squirrel Park for a day...

Now these are the costumes I like best LOL Ones I can dress up into anything I can imagine but I never really have to put the silly costume on. Mom makes these on her computer!

1 comment:

  1. These are tooooo funny.
    You look really good as a lion. The bumble bee is kinda goofy but my 2 legged girls thought it was cute. You know how those girls are. BOL!

    The chipmunk had mom in tears. Dad even wanted to know what we were all lookin at.
    Great camo for hunting the little dudes. They would never see you coming. You are a genius for that one!