Sunday, June 28, 2009


I was resting in the gazebo with mom after digging up another chipmunk hole.

It was nice out today but pretty breezy. Pretty soon we heard this cracking sound, and right before our eyes a huge branch came down from the tree above us.
Just missed the gazebo. whew...
I had to teach it a lesson (once my heart stopped pounding) by chewing on a few of the sticks it dropped along with the huge branch. Plus I gave it a piece of my mind.
I must have gotten thru to it, as it never got up and moved after that.
So I went back to digging.


  1. HEY!
    Is that your dog digging up all my homes entrances! Geez! Don't ya know how hard I have work to dig those! I got friends ya know! And we're getting pretty tired of that goofy dog digging up our homes. We may have to send in the mice if you can't keep him under control.


  2. Huntyr, sometimes you're as goofy as your mom! I don't know if you've taught that tree a good lesson or not. I've heard some of those two legged creatures talking about trees before. To me it doesn't make any sense. First you cut them down and then you cut them up? Huh? How's that done? I think that once a tree has fallen, it must break it's legs because it never seems to get back up again.