Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday afternoon

Mom just dragged me in the house when she realized I hadn't kept up with the blog.
I have been busy trying to catch the chipmunk all day. It was just a little hole when I saw him slip down into it. He didn't come back out so I figured he was stuck. The little hole is plenty big now for him to be "unstuck" yet I haven't seen him yet.

I saw mom getting out the overnight bag again.
We havent gone over night for a long time. I looked on the calendar and Saturday is MY big day.
The MWJRTC (midwest jack russell terrier club) is having a AWTA trial.
No racing.. :( but barn hunt yippee!!, trailing and locating, Go To Ground tunnels and lure course racing. Should be great fun if there is no rain....

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