Saturday, June 27, 2009

Yesterday was fun up until mom and dad left me home alone with that silly yakking bird.
Mom and I were outside in the gazebo, dozing off. Like a good boy, I kept one ear cocked for danger, (or fun).Soon I heard it. "monk" was chirping at me, and ran past me into a white thingy. I peeled out of the gazebo about 10ft to where a piece of rain gutter (so I heard mom telling dad,it was called) and I stuck my nose in the end. yummmmmmmmm it smelled good and fresh, but my nose only went in so far, and then I couldnt see. But hey who needs to see when you can sniff, sniff, sniff.
I ran to the other end of the pipe to catch it there. Hmmm smelled good, I got him cornered (BOL) I ran from end to end, when he makes a run for it, I will be there. Back and forth, back and forth, come on you silly chipmunk make a run for it! 15 minutes, back and forth. I bite the pipe, thought I could make it shorter and I could get him.
I rolled it length wise trying to shake him out. I even barked once at him but still he stayed in there. grrrrrr. Mom tried to get pictures on cell phone. Worthless pictures but hey better than nothing.
Back and forth.
Around and around.
Finally he made a move.
One of us was fastest.

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