Monday, April 12, 2010

One LONG weekend!!!

Hello Friends!
This weekend we went on a truck ride.
We do this 4 times a year. We cover the entire
state of Illinois in 4 days.
Its a long weekend for all of us.
Momma's knee/leg gets sore cuz
I stand on momma leg/lap the whole time.
I am so nosey I MUST see where I am going
So I never ever sit or lay down when the
vehicle is moving....
So technically I am on my feet from about 7am till 7pm,
cuz when we stop at the scheduled town,
I then jump out of the truck and play for the 15 minutes
we are there....

It's a long 4 days!
But the good part is I am near momma 24/7!


  1. Wow - IIlinois is a long state.
    That was one long road trip you took. Will look forward to pictures.

  2. sounds like a great trip Huntyr !!!


  3. Pierre The PoodleApril 16, 2010 at 7:25 PM

    OMD Looked like so much fun you were so close to me!!! Did you drive thru Mount Carroll after you left Savanna on your way home????