Friday, April 30, 2010

Gazebo...summer home.........

Hello Friends,
Momma started new hobby. Half for her, half for me...
I can't stay outside by myself cuz the bunnies made so many
holes in the fence, momma has to stay out with me.
So a few years ago, she put up a gazebo.
Now we can tweet from outside *S*
Last year, she added alot more comfy chairs...

This year she is clearing out alot of the "stuff"
that was "hidden" behind the garage.
And is "planning"something special there
with bushes and stuff...
(and my tunnels).

Then she is adding a little garden on the east side of the gazebo.
We are just starting it today...
so now we got the "fencing" up and the dirt in.....
But the winds are reallllllly blowing,
the sky is dark, and the weatherman says "thunderstorm watch"
so we will wait.
Don't want the baby plants to be double stressed on their
first night home.........You'll have to check back when the plants
get planted!


  1. That's a nice spot to sit in the nice weather. Is that a little witch in there too??

  2. Wow, Huntyr! Looks like a comfy place to tweet! No skeeters! YAY! Can't wait to see your flower garden! Love you! SGB

  3. This looks soooo nice Huntyr, you has a wonderful back yard !!!

  4. Dat looks like a pawsome place to spend the summer.

  5. That is pawsome Huntyr! Spending time outside with mom is the best!

  6. Pierre The PoodleMay 1, 2010 at 9:09 AM

    OMD that looks very nice Huntyr !!!!

  7. OMC! You gots a pawsome setup dere my furriend. Momma has been wanting to takes us outside but she hasn't decided how to do it yet...being dat we are kitties MOL