Wednesday, March 24, 2010

a good helper!

hi everyone!

If your wondering why I haven't been around much lately its cuz I been helping clean up trees that have falled in our yard from heavy snow this winter.
Plus there is a big section that just plain needed cleaning up!

Here are the first few piles pulled out and ready to be burned.
I am a big help! I run around and keep all the wildlife from disturbing mom while she pulls vines , rakes brush and leaves.

I even got to help dig out a big stump!!

It was great fun!
I love to dig more than anything. Thats why are yard looks like..
hmm mom calls it swiss cheese.
What ever that is...
but they never would have got it out, without my help . BOL.
Then, of course, I drove it load by load to the other side of the house to be burned.

We are a long ways from being done, but it looks nice and I got 4 new holes started.

Wonder how many more I can dig before this project is done?



  1. weee looks like U an mom has been very busy, an yes I ahs mised U, but Iz not been on 2 much either.Hope 2 take a trip 2gether soon my pal XXX


  2. Wow hunter - you had lots of trees & stuff to clean up. It's a good thing you pitched in to help or peeps would never get it done.

  3. You're so good to help your Mom out, Huntyr!

  4. Wow you are a hard worker what would they do without you?