Thursday, August 12, 2010

Momma's brother......

I am a bit behind in my blogs.
We have been so busy lately, that
I am now attempting to learn to tie knots
so I can tie momma in a chair long enough
to type my blogs for me.

I wanted to tell you about one night last week
when momma went away
(without me! what's up with that??!!!)
She came home smiling big time.
She told me all about her brother Rich and his wife Jill,
*isn't she pretty!". They came up to visit from Florida,
where ever that is!
Momma said I would have loved it.
Balloons to pop!
Seems Rich didn't want a birthday picture taken, but
he should know that if momma has a camera in her
hand, he might as well sit still and get it over with.


  1. I got behind in my bloggy too and reading blogs by friends. Dat's a great pic of you - um - I think he'd be your uncle!!

  2. yes yourz uncle Rich an his wife are very handsome couple HUGS xxxxx