Monday, July 12, 2010

Horseshoe Tournament

One of the nations best horseshoe pitchers,
Alan Francis, shook my daddy's hand.
He was so excited to meet Alan Francis,
kinda like I would be if I got to meet Wishbone!

We were in Danville, IL.
It's an annual Big Horseshoe Tournament.
Also, there, was
a good horseshoe pitcher and bowler,
Walter Ray Williams, but he didn't talk to us.

Even tho momma took me on a few long walks.
We still found time to watch daddy pitch.

Then we watched Walter Ray (in gray),
and Alan Francis (in red) pitch.
One game we actually watched Alan Francis,
throw 92.8% ringers!!
(that's really good!)

But even tho, momma and daddy found that
really really exciting,
I still find this sitting around stuff
kinda boring.

But suddenly, it got lots more exciting!!!
This little birdy decided to join the game.
 I wanted to play with him!
But momma said no... sigh.

While watching daddy, we got to meet another
great horseshoe player.
Bob White.
He is not only good enough to win against,
 Walter Ray Williams,
but he actually makes horseshoes
 for horseshoe playing.
Hey,does that make him a
"Farrier" for horseshoe players???
You can see them at
All in all we had a nice weekend.
And met some more "new friends".


  1. That sounds like fun but I guess not for the horses who have to stay at home whilst you are borrowin their shoes

  2. sounds like U had a good time an met sum famous ppl,2 bad U didn't get 2 play tho!!How did urs dad do ???