Wednesday, January 6, 2010

mom's new toy.....

So this is what all the excitement is about?
The Barnes and Nobles Nook ebook reader.
It looks like a little gizmo which momma put my picture on,
in black and white, no less...
Ok so it has big print to help momma's eyes. Yawn, how exciting...

How can she possible find that more exciting than either of these two things??

A nice loud squeaky ball, or a raccoon toy with TWO squeakies in it.

I know what I chooose!!!
But still Momma seems pretty thrilled
over her new toy!!


  1. How cool is dat for Momma!! she can carry hundreds of books around with her everywhere she goes!! (just remind Momma to back the files up on her puter, cuz if it ever gets lost - hopefully not - she won't have to repurchase everything!)

  2. Mom is thinking about getting one too - just isn't sure if she will miss turning pages. Frankly, I am tired of those books taking up space is my house.

  3. I enjoyed your bloggy. M has been looking into the ebook, but just isn't sure yet. A lot of people do like them. Thanks for your help the other day. You are a cute doggie. woofpurr to you.